The industry-leading wearable health monitor for anyone’s journey toward health and wellness

Biostrap is a strong and insightful wearable health surveillance instrument intended to provide useful data and accurate health tracking updates to anyone interested in health and wellness.

Its user-friendly interface and application integration, combined with its distinctive capability for timely and precise updates, created Biostrap the ultimate solution for any person wishing to monitor or enhance their general health.

Not only is Biostrap the go-to solution for athletes and health-conscious individuals in all walks of life -- there’s a reason it’s the most trusted platform among so many health professionals -- from medical doctors to sleep specialists to coaches across myriad sports industries, professionals all across the globe trust Biostrap to provide meaningful insights with precision, accuracy and real-time updates. Its use of a two-device cross reference sets it apart from other wearable technologies, enabling its wearers to glean detailed and accurate information as to the body’s performance.

As CEO of Biostrap Europe and a health professional in the cardiology field myself, I came across Biostrap in the course of my own professional research and recognized what an outstanding tool this technology has proven to be. I was so excited to discover a technology that provides real, relevant information and provides the best insight as to one's actual status.

My passion is to help people worldwide succeed in their own unique journeys toward health and wellness. I believe health care professionals, people suffering from a chronic condition, sports practitioners and really anyone interested in health and wellness should have access to the tools and resources needed to reach their own personal health and lifestyle goals.

As Biostrap has been proven such a success in the U.S., I am thrilled to bring this technology to the European market. Biostrap strives to help everyone in the world make excellent use of this incredible technology. If you have any questions or concerns, please do reach out. We would love to help in any way we can.

Welcome to our family!


Willem Gielen, Cardiologist, MD, MSc