Evolve Your Life
with Biostrap EVO

Clinically Validated, Loved by Scientists,
Health Professionals and Athletes

“My Biostrap has been an absolute game-changer in my athletic training, performance, and general wellness"

- Victoria Anthony

USA’s #1 ranked 48kg wrestler, and the first-ever 4x WCWA National Champion in Women’s College Wrestling.

Innovative sleep analytics

Sleep is the basis for a good function of the body. Our 
Clinical grade pulse oximeter requires snapshots of
your biometrics during your sleep.

Get oxygen saturation, heart rate variability (HRV), 
and more.

Capture every activity

Your body movement is too complicated for just one activity
tracking device.
The Biostrap platform uses a wristband and a Shoepod
that works in harmony to assist you to comprehend your
body and bring your training to the next level.
Track cadence, velocity, reps, and more.

Better Recovery, Higher

Heart Rate Variability lets you know how stressed your
body is. It is an indicator of the state of your physiology
and autonomic nervous system.

After establishing your baselines, you’ll unlock 
personalized insights and desirable ranges to help
optimize your performance. Many happy customers agree Biostrap offer the best health trackers you can buy online.