Chest strap HRM

€ 69

ECG-based heart rate monitor during activity.

The Biostrap chest strap is a monitor that attaches to your chest and helps you track your heart rate, activity levels, fitness data, and more. This device will help you monitor the intensity of workouts so that you can train at the best level for your body. When used with Biostrap we also provide feedback on how well you are sleeping each night with its sleep tracker function.

This is ideal for people who live a active lifestyle and want optimal results for their health and fitness.

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Chest strap heart rate technology to give you accurate heart rate, heart rate variability, and calories burned.

Protocol Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+
Transmission distance


Heart rate range 30 - 240bpm
Function Real-time heart rate monitor
Battery CR2032 Coin battery. Life: 300 hours