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Collection of biometric data can be used to a great extent to organize the training individually, but certainly also on teams, large or small.

One or more participants in a team that do not profit optimally from the training can have great importance for the team's performance as a whole. All participants in the team will have fluctuations in their biodata relating to training, sleep patterns, lifestyle, diet etc. This allows you to reveal which of the participants are profiting from the training on all parameters, and you can spot those on the team that show signs of overtraining / underperformance, or at least not performing optimally.

Causes of overtraining / underperformance can be many, but will always appear as variations in
heart rate variation (HRV) and resting heart rate and possibly poor sleep.

So far, it has been a big item in the budget in small and medium-sized clubs, if one were to exploit
the latest technological advances in biodata / biohacking. Not anymore.

Coaches can monitor players, and can better understand the physiological well being. Heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and SpO2 can now be accessed and monitored. Health insights are no longer limited by distance. 

Biostrap Pro offers also coach assistance for all sizes of clubs that corresponds to the number of participants. In other words, you get an evidence-based guidance to optimize the training for the whole team. The assistance program consists of reviewing the biodata by Biostrap certified coaches and reviewing periodically by cardiologists and sports doctors, and online suggestions for changes in training loads or method for participants who could benefit from a reorganization of the     training or involving new methods such as mindfulness or meditation, or perhaps sleep-aid programs.

So if you want to take advantage of the latest evidence-based medical achievements in this area then contact us here at Biogym and let us design a program for your team.

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