Armband HRM

€ 69

Biostrap does not measure heart rate during exercise so this recommended heart rate monitor is the advanced way to open up for even more insights in the Biostrap app. Many happy customers agree this is the best armband heart rate monitor you can buy online. Our armband HRM fitness set will help you monitor your fitness & health goals. We use the latest science and medical knowledge when creating all of our products meaning this is one of the best armband heart rate monitors you can buy to compliment Biostrap to help measure your health and fitness. 

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High performance Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth 4.0 / ANT+ technology, designed for the forearm. Now you can unlock accurate active heart rate by pairing with the Biostrap app.

  • Comfortable and secure to wear on the forearm - no chest strap required
  • Real time heart rate and calories tracking
  • 10m transmission distance to your phone (BLE)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: 30+ hours
  • Works best when paired with the Biostrap app. Also compatible with apps like Endomondo, Wahoo and Runtastic
  • Water proof: IP67
  • On/Off Button