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¨All in all, the Biostrap represents an excellent set of tools to quantify the body. The price point and feature set squarely place it in direct competition with better known products from Oura , Motiv, WHOOP, Fitbit and Garmin.

While Biostrap as a company may be smaller than some of the giants in the wearable fitness tracker world, they seem to be eager to implement new features and refine their existing tools.

The problems I experienced with the product were minor, and I look forward to a second-generation product. I’ve heard rumors that Biostrap may be looking into a device that doesn’t require a separate Shoepod and wristband to capture full body motion. I have no idea how that would work, but it certainly perked my ears up.¨

Alex Fergus /  June 22, 2019

¨Biostrap wristband and Shoe Pod are highly accurate and offer users features that are not available with other fitness trackers. Some of the features that make Biostrap unique are automatic activity identification and tracking and uses advanced PPG technology for highly accurate recording of Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Sleep Analysis. Biostrap SLEEP LAB allows you to record sleep data in extreme detail including recording snoring, arm, and leg movements.¨

The Fitness Junky / March 19, 2019