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High-definition heart beat

What makes us different?

Most wearables utilize a very basic heart rate monitor, counting only that a beat occurred. Our approach is different – instead of checking your pulse at all times, we check while you’re still, allowing us to capture high-fidelity, raw Photoplethysmography (PPG) waveforms. These waveforms are the same kind that physicians uses to evaluate the heart’s health. That’s why our device already is being utilized by doctors and clinicians around the world to monitor their patients.

Raw PPG: The source code to your health.
Our clinical-quality PPG sensors allows us to gather extremely precise heartbeat data. Biostrap captures over 2,000 heartbeats every 24 hours. Every single pulsewave is analyzed for 29 different parameters, then analyzed against all of your other heartbeats from the last 24 hours.

Now you can have the same technology your doctor uses.

Blood Oxygen
Respiratory Rate
Sleep Analysis &
Custom Insights

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