How do I reset my device?

To reset your device, please go to:

Settings > click the device icon (Wristband or Shoepod) > Scroll down > Click Reset Device

My wristband or shoepod is not getting connected

Having trouble connecting? Try these steps below!

  • Android users: Make sure to turn on location services on your phone before attempting to connect your devices
  • Charge the Device
  • Toggle the Bluetooth 
  • Power Off Your Phone

My Biostrap keeps disconnecting

Biostrap keeps the device connection open only when the App is in the foreground.

When the app goes in the background, Biostrap closes connections (to save battery), but wakes-up every 10 minutes, establishes connections with the devices (if the devices are the rage), syncs the data (if any) and again disconnects. And that process continues....

Therefore, when we open the app (for starting a workout, ending workout, starting sleep, ending sleep, etc), chances are that devices will not be connected at that exact moment. But as soon as the App comes in the foreground, Biostrap will try to establish the connection, which should take anywhere between 5 to 20 seconds.

My steps count is not increasing

Sometimes it takes time to get STEPS count updated from the server. Please wait for a minute or so. 

If even after waiting, the STEP count in not increasing, please check following things.

  • Go to the “Account” tab to confirm that wristband is connected to the App.
  • This can also happen when you don’t have (or have a very poor) internet connection. Please make sure you have good internet connection and then try again. 

Get live support

Remember that you can always reach us from the Biostrap app at:

Settings > Support