Tickr Fit Heart rate monitor

€ 80

Biostrap doesn't measure heart rate during exercise so this The TICKR Fit heart rate monitor is the advanced way to open up for even more insights in the Biostrap app.


Unfortunately, the item cannot be purchased, as there are no more in stock

Tickr Fit is the name of this heart rate monitor for Biostrap. The heart rate monitor is for the arm and is both nice and functional. Two elastic bands are included; 1 to the upper arm and 1 to the forearm. The advantage of this is that it is much easier and more discreet to take on this than a regular pulse belt.

The heart rate monitor for the arm can be an advantage for those who do not want a heart rate belt around their abdomen. It is lighter and more discreet with one for the arm.


  • Colour Black
  • Battery life: 30+ hours
  • Water resistant: IPX7
  • Sweat proof: Yes, the strap can be washed by hand.
  • Turn on / off button

The package includes:

  • TICKR FIT unit
  • Small arm strap
  • Large arm strap
  • battery Charger