Innovative sleep analysis

Sleep is the foundation of the body's healthy function.
Our clinical quality pulse oximeter makes snapshots of
 your biometrics during your sleep.

oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, and

Have you ever had trouble sleeping?

Dive deeper into your sleep disturbances by quantifying
your snoring, movements of your legs and arms and more.

Capture every activity

Your body movement is too complicated for just
one activity tracking device.

The Biostrap platform uses a wristband and shoepod
that works in harmony to assist you comprehend your
body and bring your training to the next level.

Track cadence, velocity, reps, and more.

Recover faster, perform better

Heart rate variability reflects the physiological state of
your body to determine your individual willingness to conduct.

After determining your baselines, you unlock personalized
and your desirable ranges to maintain you in ideal

Trending your biometrics over time enables you to see which
behavioral modifications affect your macro-level baselines.